We are a passioned team of founders, entrepreneurs, developers, designers and business angels who are investing in companies with love and commitment.

We enable businesses to realize their vision with capital, expertise and data.

What we do

We invest in remarkable businesses.

At d.ventures, we partner with like-minded professionals to promote knowledge and competence exchange. As a forward-thinking tech-driven company, we use the power of intelligent creativity to build next-generation companies and invest into remarkable people and businesses. Our infrastructure enables us to collaborate with investors and partners from all over the world, who share our passion for innovation that inspires. With the freedom to evolve their individual ambitions, our partners and team members thrive in a flexible environment, created to help them realize their unique visions.


We strategically partner with like-minded and daring entrepreneurs by investing in extraordinary people and companies worldwide.

Company Building

We use our wide-ranging resources and capabilities to incubate and scale remarkable business models through an innovative approach.


Our extensive marketing resources and expertise enable us to accelerate growth by reaching new customers while maximizing profitability.

What we achieved already

We prove our expertise through our own achievements.

Billion USD

yearly generated sales volume for our partners

Million Active User

utilizing our software solutions every week.

projects supporting

and continuously adding more.

What we have

We provide the infrastructure to boost profitable growth.


Our lean company structure and recurring revenue from our various ventures empower us to quickly invest in outstanding people and projects. 



We have successfully launched and exited numerous companies in various industries, enabling us to give you the best possible guidance.

Global Reach

Global Reach

The combination of our database with millions of users worldwide and our global publisher network enable us to boost your international expansion.

first party data

1st Party Data

By leveraging our extensive data with 1.6 million data points per minute, we are able to generate massive business insights even before starting a project.

Diverse Team

Our team comes from different cultures and backgrounds giving us a variety of contrasting perspectives and thus increasing our creativity in confronting challenging tasks.

diverse team


Our worldwide network of partners, agencies and industry experts allows us to give you unrestricted access and insights that fuel your company’s growth.


Meet our Equity Partner

The founders bring years of experience and in-depth knowledge to the table.

Managing Director Strategy
Chairman of the Board

Managing Director Business
President of Online Advertising

Managing Director Operations
Finance Director

Whom we support

Take a peek inside our wonderland.


kivee is a digital online marketing agency in Vienna that provides growth marketing as well as business development expertise for every company at every stage.


fa.me is a new search portal that can be accessed through the website or with smartphone apps. What is special: with every search you can support a charity of your choice.

rho data

rho data combines the knowledge of business psychologists and industry experts with scientific research to ensure sustainable improvements in the development of your teams.


Tycoon is the first fully automatic social crypto trading platform with real cryptocurrencies. It intends to revolutionize the the classic trading industry.

tera group

TeraGroup Company offers the world’s 1st commercial Terahertz platform technology, enabling innovative and groundbreaking industrial applications in a multitude of major industries.

thurn und taxis

A coffee brand developed with Prince Max Emanuel von Thurn und Taxis that mixes his families royal history with modern and slightly playful elements.


MeCommerce Inc. is an innovative corporate proxy for e-commerce related projects in North America. It provides the framework to efficiently and quickly penetrate the US market.


NewPace Ltd. developed and patented the Implantable Subcutaneous String Defibrillator (ISSD™) which is the first, completely unitary and rechargeable implanted defibrillator.

Stay tuned. More coming soon.


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